Supply Chain Collaboration


Supplier Collaboration b/w Manufacturer and its nth Tier Supplier.

Solution: Links the Manufacturer PO to the nth Tier supplier PO from Order tracking, Advanced shipment note, Good Receipt & Goods Inspection perspective.

Value Proposition:13% improved efficiently in Supply Chain Collaboration.

RealCollab or Supply Chain Collaboration product connects the Purchase order raised by the OEM to Tier 1 supplier and so on right up to the nth level supplier from order tracking and delivery perspective. This product provides great value add to OEM & Tier 1s from Supplier Collaboration, PO tracking perspective.

  • As per SCM Review, the total net benefit increases by 13% with the use of smart contract technology through the blockchain platform

(Source: Benefits of Blockchain Technology)


  • Order, Shipment information in Disparate Systems: Real Time Information of Orders, shipments, splitting of orders, shipments into several different orders, consolidation of shipments between Contract Manufactures, nth level supplier is challenge due to lack of information exchange between OEM & Suppliers.
  • Excess Time Taken to establish the linkage between a PO received by the OEM from its Dealers to the PO placed to Contract Manufacturers, Tier 1, 2.. nth level Supplier.
  • Lack of Data consolidation and visibility: Manual, paper-based record-keeping and reporting systems often lead to scattered, incomplete, and inaccurate manifests etc.
  • Lack of Traceability, transparency: Ability to trace a part and the identification of a supplier is a Complex process.

Blockchain powered RealCollab Solution

  • RealCollab is a Supply Chain Collaboration product which provides PO traceability to the nth level supplier right from Dealers to OEM, Contract Manufacturers, Tier 1, 2…nth level Suppliers based on Proof of Delivery, Order Tracking.
  • Solution seamlessly complements the existing ERP / SAP systems w.r.t Purchase, Sales, Receiving, Shipping transactions.
  • All supply chain stakeholders will be connected to a single blockchain platform where each party can store and share the information (Orders, Shipments, Trade Documents) securely and in immutable way.

Business Benefits

  • 13% increase with the use of smart contract technology through the Blockchain platform (Source:
  • Drastic Reduction in time taken to establish PO traceability between the Dealer PO and the PO placed against the nth level supplier for product schedule and delivery.
  • Tracking change orders, buy orders, shipment notifications, trade documents and receipts via Blockchain ledger increases trust and transparency.
  • A reduction of errors on Purchase orders tracking, goods receipts, and other trade related documents due to less need for manual reconciliation.
  • A permanent audit trail of every purchase order movement from its source to ultimate destination, reducing opportunities for fraud.