Supply Chain Collaboration


NextGen DMS Dealer & Distribution Management system.

Solution: Real Time secondary sales visibility to Manufacturer with digital connectivity through Distributor through Retailer for Order fulfilment, Returns tracking, Claims settlement, Inventory Visibility, Promotions, Payments & Salesforce Automation.

Value Proposition:About 5% to 10% increase in demand generation and ~10% on cost-reduction.

RealDemand is the next gen Dealer and Distribution Management system designed to give better visibility of goods to OEM in the Distributor/Dealer network right up to the Retailer providing Secondary sales visibility and reconciliation between different entities in the value chain.


  • Disjointed Systems – Dealer & Retailers connecting to OEM
  • Inventory – Over, Understocking & Stock Outs at multiple locations– Loss of business, High COPQ
  • Demand fulfilment Visibility – delivery delays
  • Lack of real time Secondary Sales data & in-transit goods tracking
  • No digital communication between OEM & Stores
  • Dealers Collection Reconciliations is nightmare
  • Lack of visibility in Trade Plans, Financial Transactions & Claim Disputes
  • Lack of standardization to all stake holders related to Schemes & Discounts at product level
  • Difficult for OEMs for E2E reconciliation of actual ordering Vs Fulfilment and the business impact
  • Difficulty in tracking sales officer’s performance who are in the field

Blockchain powered DMS:

  • Uniform Master data across the chain (OEM – Dealer – Retailer)
  • Ensure orders do not breach pre-set credit limits for customers
  • Enables real time updating of inventory, ensuring optimum stock at distributor and zero stock outs at retailers.
  • Place primary orders, Generate GRN’s, bill to retailer with Online invoicing option. Track Deliveries with Geo locations and time stamps
  • Distributors can mark complete and partial deliveries can take returns based on SKU or invoice
  • Run various types of schemes and discounts both at distributor and Retailer level
  • Sales target can be set and monitor employee’s performance
  • Manage your field force with real time geo location-based tracking and productivity reports.
  • Capture all types of data including images, survey information, market intelligence and much more

Business Benefits

  • SaaS based Solution Offering
  • Secure, Auditable, decentralized digital Information reconciled real time
  • Seamless Integration / Transition to the existing application
  • Better visibility of market demand, supply, state/region wise
  • Elimination of Order Management issue
  • Auto reconciliation of Orders / Delivery / accounts Receivables
  • Tracking of Sales Performance (RSM & ASM)
  • Real time delivery operations, on field collections
  • Efficient Beat management
  • Dealer Credit tracking


  • Digital Connectivity & Integration
  • Tamper Proof Auditable Digital Ledgers
  • Hassle Free Documents Flow
  • All Stake holders can have real time view on Presales Numbers
  • Auto Reconciliation of payments against parties reducing manual processes thus reducing time & reconciliation errors
  • Visibility to all stake holders related to schemes & Discounts, Sales Targets, Claims & Disputes
  • New Distribution Management System leading to YoY productivity improvement of 8 to 10% to One of the Leading British multinational consumer goods company (Source: Mind tree report on supply chain distribution).

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