Incorporated in 2017 by a group of founders with deep expertise in Enterprise Applications, Cloud & Blockchain Technologies, spearheaded by business leaders from diverse backgrounds like Venture Capital, Business Architecture, Real Variable has the right mix for creating a successful venture, while continuously investing in human capital. Starting with its first value creation and enablement in 2018, Real Variable has been delivering world class solutions to global customers in APAC, EU & US.

Real Variable’s strength is in its vision and understanding of business challenges in complex ecosystems across industries. Real Variable took an informed decision in investing and developing a platform, RealWare that is leveraged to develop and deploy solutions. This strategy has helped demonstrate the application of niche’ technologies like Blockchain, AI/ML in the real-world business scenarios.

  • Real Variable’s USP is its Universal Zero Code Platform, RealWare. RealWare enables faster delivery of solutions and applications specific to a customer’s needs.
  • RealWare easily integrates with underlying ERP’s, CRM’s, Mainframes, bespoke solutions etc., without disrupting the existing process framework.
  • RealWare also interfaces with any existing blockchain implementation, including Ethereum, Hyperledger fabric, Multichain, Quorum etc.