Supply Chain Collaboration


Cross border Material In-transit Tracking & Digital Provenance.

Solution: Material in transit Real Time tracking at individual Part/PO to Carton to Pallet level from Source to destination through Air/Ocean/Surface transport.

Value Proposition:~10% reduction on Inventory & CoPQ, Real Time delays/part shipment visibility & back to birth traceability.

Real Time in transit tracking of parts or goods between Source and destination from Warehouse, SKU level through Multi-modal transport such as Air, Ocean, Rail, Road, Customs & Digital provenance using cutting edge technologies such as QR code / NFC / RFID.


  • Considerable time spent by Manufacturer, Logistics providers / customers in identifying the part location and estimated delivery date.
  • Lack of real time visibility of movement of a package due to cross border shipments, custom clearance, multi modal logistics providers from source to destination.
  • Special precautions required for transit of certain types of parts and the information needs to be captured in an immutable way.
  • Disparate Systems with no information exchange between participants in an eco-system.

Blockchain powered RealTrace Solution

  • RealTrace is an In-transit logistics and Digital provenance solution which not only provides real-time movement of the part / material in the supply chain but also captures origin of the material and its associated parameters in an immutable way through the supply chain
  • Solution seamlessly complements the existing ERP / SAP systems w.r.t Purchase, Sales, Receiving, Shipping transactions.
  • All supply chain stakeholders will be connected to a single blockchain platform in which each party can store and share the information (Orders, Shipments, Trade Documents) securely and in immutable way.

Business Benefits

  • Monitors performance of logistics providers with evidence including on-time deliveries, on-time pickups and more.
  • Maintains History of High-Value Assets to ensure it complies with safety standards from factory floor to delivery.
  • Improves Quality Assurance as every authorized member involved in a transaction can access critical data to validate its milestones.
  • Improves Payments and Pricing Processes as payment processing and settlement is secure manner through Blockchain framework.
  • Digital Provenance ensures that every shipped good includes a digital “passport” that include essential data such as part origin and it journey in the life cycle of the part.