Scope3 Emissions Management

RealGreen is not just a tool; it’s a commitment to a sustainable future. We understand the importance of making choices that positively impact on the planet and that’s why we have created a tool that goes beyond expectation.

Scope 3 Co2e tracking especially upstream network for an organization (Discrete/ Process) with opensource software plugins.

Upto 100% accurate CO2e tracking across value chain.

  • Scalable & Inputs from multiparty collaborations
  • Calculate Co2e and 17+ GHG parameters
  • Visualize emissions and forecast trends
  • Know where the emissions are high and reduce them
  • Auditable certificates for compliance reporting

The Problem

Data can be fragmented, capturing and managing Scope 3 emission data can be inconsistent, and difficult to obtain, leading to challenges in accurately quantifying emissions and identifying hotspots due to lack of effective collaboration amongst stakeholders to implement Carbon reduction strategies.

Measuring, Reporting & Verification methodologies for Scope 3 emissions is complex and resource intensive due to lack of reliable frameworks and systems to track, measure & plan mitigation of emissions accurately.

RealDemand is the next gen Dealer and Distribution Management system designed to give better visibility of goods to OEM in the Distributor/Dealer network right up to the Retailer providing Secondary sales visibility and reconciliation between different entities in the value chain.

The Solution: RealGreen

Collect, aggregate, and manage Scope 3 emission data from various sources, including suppliers, customers, and internal operations by integrating data from multiple systems and formats, ensuring comprehensive upstream coverage.

Built-in tools & LCA databases to provide baseline data to guide companies through the process of defining emission boundaries, categorizing and allocating emissions accurately with powerful analytics and visualization tools and track progress against set goals.

Interactive dashboards and reports to communicate insights effectively to stakeholders and facilitate data-driven decision-making.