High level Supply Chain Process for Oil and Gas operations


Today’s systems, methodologies and supporting technologies for managing oil & gas supply chain operations fall short of providing operational transparency, traceability, audit, security and data trust. Moreover, most of these systems are centralized, manual and disparate in nature.

Blockchain technology coupled with IOT sensors in certain use case is the best technology available in managing the exploration, production, supply chain and logistics operations in a decentralized, traceable, immutable, transparent and trustworthy way.

Following are the some of the operational areas where we think Blockchain technology can be a game changer:

  • Pipeline Monitoring and Leak Detection (IOT + Blockchain)
  • Automation of Oil & Gas Exploration & Production (E & P)
  • Management of Oil & Gas Asset life cycle
  • Track & Trace of Oil & Gas Shipment (IOT + Blockchain)
  • Equipment Warranty Mgmt. & Supplier Recoveries
  • Simplifying Billing and Payments

Supply Chain interactions between different parties in
Oil & Gas Operations